mint pineapples is a site created for those who find themselves occasionally looking for ways to improve their lives. maybe not because we are not happy with our current lives, but because we love growth and novelty of discovering new potential and capabilities within ourselves.

my name is tyler. i am the only author for posts on this site but the information and posts i share come from various sources from classes to social media. i am one who is never completely satisfied with who i am and so i look for small ways to improve myself every so often. and when i do feel satisfied with my life, sometimes i just get bored and so i like to find new practices to challenge myself.

i am a college student, so i definitely do not have all the right ways to live; therefore i would love for you to share your ideas with me! please add your thoughts to posts or send me pieces to add to the site through the ‘contacts’ page.

other than that, i hope you enjoy the site.