mint pineapples is the site for you to find ideas and practices to live an all-around healthy, wealthy and (most importantly) happy lifestyle. i believe in taking a holistic approach to life – no one aspect can optimize our health, wealth and happiness on its own. when we synchronously aim to improve various aspects of our lives (diet, exercise, finances, etc.), it seems as if things just seem to fall into place and you realize that each realm is truly intertwined with the others.

of course there is no one way to achieve a happy lifestyle. through this site, i hope to share a variety of ideas so that we can all choose which ones we think will work best for us and how to adapt them. a combination of factual information and some personal input, i hope to see others, including yourself, share with me as well your ideas and opinions.

with all that, i have identified eight major realms that i like to consider when i am working to improve myself or even just show myself some love. those realms are: diet, exercise, finances, beauty/appearance, social, mental, relationships and career. i find that most of my life falls within these categories, and creating the right balance between all of them makes me feel healthy, wealthy and happy.